That tree in your backyard - it's worth $20,000!


The "earth" value of trees is hard to quantify. Trees provide shade and convert carbon dioxide to oxygen, which is vital to life here on planet earth. But what if you found out that same tree was worth more than $20,000 cash, would you believe it? Some people see trees as investments - literally watching their money grow on trees!

There is quite a debate as to whether a tree has more value while it's alive or after being cut down. If you have a black walnut in your backyard, you'd be smart to keep it alive by any means necessary. And even if you plan to have it cut down and sold, the tree needs to be healthy or the value diminishes. That could be a difference between a $1000 unhealthy black walnut tree and a $20,000 healthy black walnut tree.

Tree healthcare is crucial - and the best way to keep your trees healthy is tree injections. Think of them as a way to directly inject nutrients to the core of your prized tree. Or even if it turns out that the tree isn't a valuable black walnut, tree injections cost substantially less than removing or replacing the tree - while also preserving the environmental benefits that the tree produces.

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