Giving your Loved One a Special Resting Place - a Family Tree

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While navigating the difficult situation of losing a loved one, you quickly realize that there are many different options in selecting a final resting place. Some prefer the traditional cemetery burial, while others intuitively seek a different path that would seem more appropriate for their loved one. 

Some things to consider while researching your options are the differences between traditional and non-traditional burials. Traditional burials are the ages old tradition, however they can be expensive, and present more time-consuming challenges than cremation, during a difficult period of time for your family.

Cremation has gained popularity in America for a variety of reasons, such as: 

• cost-effectiveness (can be around 1/6th of the cost of a traditional burial) 

• environmental benefits (carbon is used as a fertilizer)

• simplicity (gives you more time to grieve)

• sentimental aspect of finding the appropriate location to spread the ashes of your loved one

Spreading the ashes of your loved one can be a beautiful and spiritual experience, as it symbolizes the freeing of the soul, allowing your loved one to travel to their final resting place. Some prefer to spread the remains of their loved one in the water, in the air, or in the earth.

When you place your loved one’s ashes under the roots of a tree, they will provide the seed of life, while giving your family a peaceful place to visit and share memories. Whether purchasing a tree or placing under the roots of an existing tree, you can watch it grow and give back to the earth.

ArborTech can assist in safely placing the ashes of a loved one under the roots of a tree, should you choose a non-traditional treeside burial ceremony. 

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