5 Tree Trimming and Preservation Guidelines from Our Experts

Here are five general guidelines to help you, the homeowner, do your own tree trimming and preservation work. Always remember to take proper safety precautions while doing tree work, as it can be very dangerous!

Remove any branches that are broken, split, diseased, or dead.

For the development of healthy trees, we recommend crown reduction to provide clearance from your home and power lines. (Please understand that major crown reduction can lead to poor tree health.)

Healthy tree pruning should never involve removing more than one fourth of the crown for any tree. The tree uses leaves for photosynthesis to create carbohydrates that help maintain a healthy tree. The canopy of your trees also offer shade below that is beneficial to maintaining a healthy tree. Leaving large cuts on a tree makes the tree’s natural defenses vulnerable from closing the open wound. This creates an environment that makes your trees more vulnerable to insect invasion, spores of decay fungi and rotting.

Do not top your trees under any circumstances!

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